Hot Single: Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype “GGTC” Music Video

SHOUT OUT TO THE HOMIE RUSTE JUXX AND ARCITYPE ON THE RELEASE OF THE V-I-C (VICTORIOUS IMPERVIOUS CHAMPIONS). This is an all new found for Ruste Juxx as he joins forces with Bostons own Architype. Juxx is known for his hard core style but this project shows growth for Ruste Juxx. The Hook is contagious”They call it the root of all evil, Whether it’s illegal or legal ,gotta get that green paper with the eagle,
M-O-N-E-Y.  A Nice jump off for a dope disc.
The opening track from Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype’s 15-track ‘V.I.C’ album out today on AR Classic Records/Duck Down Music Inc.

Fans can purchase the iTunes Deluxe Version here:

Concept by: Adam Brostoff of Perfect Time Publishing
Directed by: Hi-Lite Reel Boston

Hot Single: Gee Dubs – War Symphony

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Its cats like Gee Dubs that made me start listening to Hip Hop again. Gee Dubs he has a style that could only be designed in the 90′s but his flow is futuristic way beyond 2012.  “War Symphony” by Gee Dubs is my type of joint raw and unadultarated. Soon as the beat comes in Gee Dubs just brings the ruckus and he shows why Queens makes the Iilest Emcees.

Hot Single: Wordsworth – Joy and Pain

As soon as Wordsworth injects his life into the mic you get an overwhelming sense of JOY and when you hear Apollo Brown’s one of a kind sound coming out your speaker  you feel the PAIN. This is what Hip Hop needs a balance of sound, spirit and emotion to get us pass this repetiitve message of money,cars and hoes. The combination of Wordworth/Apollo Brown on “Joy and Pain”  is sensational plus headknocking. “Joy and Pain” is fresh off Wordworth New CD “The Photo Album” and like a photograph this song captures a great moment in time! Simply DOPE!

Hot Single: Wordsworth-Coloring Book-featuring Meleni Smith

Hip Hop has become very black and white, if you are not making a certain style of music you are limited in the places where you can be seen and heard. Though Hip Hop in its purest form is filled with colors that are bold, magnificent and brilliant. Whether it be a crate of records with an assortment of goodies from all genres, or the community of people who flock to be part of the Hip Hop Nation. The Master of Ceremony should be able to paint pictures, that if you never saw there face, they can take you right to where they are standing. That calls for imagination, vocabulary and flow, this cat Wordsworth holds all three components. We have grown to love sub par music with its broad strokes of Black and Grey, but Wordsworth gets open on “The Coloring Book” and brings the words to life. Wordsworth pens the “Coloring Book” in High Definition with a magnificent display of lyrics, an art exhibit of  urban communities around the globe. Do youself a favor and get this!

Song from @WordsworthEMC “The Photo Album” produced by The Are
featuring Meleni Smith
Album available on Itunes, Amazon,,
Artwork by Rich Bravo

Hot Single: Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Steve Wynn



Action Bronson and Rik Cordero show you their lates visuals for the new single off Action Bronson x Party Supplies’ Blue Chips project. Enjoy!

Director/DP/Editor: Rik Cordero
Production Company: Three/21 Films

Motivation Music: K. Sparks — Sunshine

I don’t know much about K. Sparks but this song just fit the mood because its nothing better than “Sunshine”.

Available Now at iTunes:

Artist: K. Sparks
Producer: Payozo
Album: Popular Demand
Director/Editor: Eduardo Donoso
Camera Operators: Eduardo Donoso, Chris Gurinsky, Robert Merkle, Anthony Casataldi
VFX: Rogelio Delgado, Mike Atwood
Title Design: Kar Kay Ho
Storyboard Illustrator: Serene Crown Fidele

K. Sparks

© 2011 Double Up Entertainment

Motivation Music: Cold Men Young – Time Bomb

This song “TIME BOMB” from Cold Men Young is a DJ’s dream, soon as you hear this you just want to throw it on your turntables and go crazy. I put this unders Motivation Music because it really is and intelligent song and needs to be listened to!

About Cold Men Young



Motivation Music: Illuminati – Wise Intelligent

Im not gone to say to much about “Illuminati” or Wise Intelligent on this post ,I’ve made up my mind that im gone to do a few post on Wise and PRT, so look for that at a later date. I will say this Illmunati by Wise Intelligent is one of the most spectacular displays of lyricism ,entertainment and education i’ve ever witnessed from an EMCEE. This is A powerful song and I hope you take time to listen and support Wise Intelligence’s music. Peace!


INTELLIGENT MUZIK presents “ILLUMINATI.” Wise Intelligent’s latest video from the critically acclaimed “THE UNCONKABLE DJEZUZ DJONEZ” album – AVAILABLE NOW!

Click link below to get the lyrics to “Illuminati” and read the official story breakdown……