Artist Spotlight: Clear Soul Forces: “Even The Green Has A Shade Of Grey”

You say Hip Hop sucks, well Im here to challenge that opinion. May I present to you, STRAIGHT OUT OF DETROIT, WHERE THE REVOLUTION IS ON ONCE AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! CLEAR SOUL FORCES YALL YALl YAll Yall yall(that was an echo). The music that I present on this blog has one common theme its dope ass hell. When you listen to Clear Soul Forces album “Detroit Revo”. you cant help to think, the fucking game is rigged. Why aren’t they pumping some shit like this 24/7? Because they know music like this,will uplift and promote free thought. I could come up with magnificent words to say about this fly four man quartet , but i’m gonna to let these brothers work speak for itself, you can thank me later!


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