Artist Spotlight: Cassius the 5th -Diamond In the Dirt

Why are the ladies repping harder than the men? Listening to the brand new Cassius the 5th mixtape, DIAMOND IN THE DIRT,” is living proof of that. While Cassius the 5th male counterparts are in the club tossing up bottles, making it rain on hoes, bragging about there expensive things, how women are hoes and bitches, she is holding the fort. The first line of Cassius the 5th mixtape she says, “This is for the struggle”, letting you know that her journey in to the music realm is gonna be filled with reality. Cassius the 5th,straight out of Boston, dedicates her craft to true life raps. She is not the female emcee who is trying to be the next  pop diva but  that Queen who is making sure the foundation is in intact. Cassius the 5th is a producers dream, a raw talent who spits whats in her heart not what the mainstream music industry likes to abuse. She is more Sonia Sanchez than she is Nikki Minaj, Cassius the 5th should  be praised from her female peers for the sacrifice she gives up on this mixtape “Diamond In the Dirt”. Cassius talks about her own struggles as a single mother, her dedication to enhance the male/female bond and lays down a blue print on what kind of music we will her from her in the future. Some tasty selections of this mixtape are joints like “Miss U” featuring fellow boston rep Madame Cruz or “Never Thought” featuring singer DQuest. Also check out Cassius the 5th  video “Caught Up”, a personal chapter from her own life and the hardships that happen when females have to hold down the fort.  Listening to this mixtape “DIAMOND IN THE DIRT “BY CASSIUS THE 5TH made me realize how weak men have become in this new rap generation because everything Cassius is talking about on her mixtape I never here the male rappers spit. Salute!



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