Artist Sportlight: MaLLy & the Sundance Kid – Free On The 15th

Before hearing Mally I actually heard beats fron Sundance on sound cloud and it was banging, I was amazed how someone from the Mid-west actually had an East Coast sound. A few months later I came across an Ep produced by Sundance featuring the lyrical stylings of this brother named Mally. As I listen I was taken back because Mally from the jump just housed those beats that Sundance provided. Mally has a witty, confident flow not filled with metaphors but a bravado of being the best. I was totally impressed with this work that I thought it only fitting that I share with this with all of you. Just because this Ep “Free On The 15th” by Mally and Sundance is free to download dont think its just weak product that they are throwing away, this joint is way tight. This is just the introduction from an Emcee and Producer out the Mid-West busting a shot letting you know they are in the building.I also placed three videos which coincide with the Ep “Free On The 15th” by Mally and Sundance. As I end all of my post,the support you show independent artist goes along way. ┬áSo please download this Ep and share amongst you people, these cats got flavor and from the sound of it there is more on the way.


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