Artist Spotlight: PHEO: They Soulection EP

When I was thinking bout posting this jawn i was wondering what section should I put this joint in. So I put it here in Artist Spotlight because this is something you need to here. Ok the only way I can explain Pheo is Supafly meets Malcolm X, the kid flow is so TRILL mixed with ILLLLLL. For those of you who are scared to enter that world of candy paint drippin and cup sipping well let Pheo guide you. One thing that caught me off the the back about Pheo is the he is undeniable lyricist who can construct 4-d pictures with words. Pheo has the ability that a lot of rappers dont, that is to be able have fun with music while mixing in social content. If I pull off one song from “They Soulection Ep ,” I would be denying you the experience of hearing what a solid project sounds like. “The Soulection Ep” by Pheo is a 9 song banger and im not the one to listen to albums. So whenI tell you its heat…. get to cooking!!!!!



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